Tag: Aldirion


  • The Great Invasion

    The Great Invasion was the mass [[Orc | Orcish]] invasion of [[Londar]], [[Aldirion]], and the [[The Greenwood Dale | Greenwood Dale]], under the War-chief [[:azold-the-bloody | Azold the Bloody]]. h2. Invasion of Aldirion (1674-1678) The initial …

  • The Silver River

    The Silver River flows south from its source in the [[The Anvil Peaks | Anvil Peaks]]. It continues through [[Aldirion]] before bending west and flowing into the ocean.

  • Ramoril, the Iron King

    The Iron King Ramoril was a high-ranking general in the [[Aldirion | Aldiri]] military. In 1675, as the [[The Great Invasion | Great Invasion]] pressed onward, then-General Ramoril brought fresh forces to meet the [[Orc | Orcs]] after the disastrous [[ …