Tag: Human


  • Duke Symond

    Duke Symond is the ruler of [[Brightriver | Brightriver]]. He is generally regarded as fair and just, and maintained stability during the [[The Great Invasion | Great Invasion]]. In 1704, Duke Symond fell ill, and so far has not recovered. It seems …

  • Harbin Wester

    Harbin Wester is a human banker in his late 40s and the elected townmaster of [[Phandalin | Phandalin]]. He serves as a judge in disputes and keeps records when necessary. Wester is completely intimidated by [[The Redbrands | the Redbrands]], and has …

  • Iarno Albrek

    Iarno Albrek is a young human Wizard and an agent of the [[The Greenwood Pact | Greenwood Pact]]. Two months ago, he was sent to [[Phandalin | Phandalin]] to establish a small militia and police force to protect the town. He has not been heard from since, …

  • Toblen Stonehill

    Toblen Stonehill is a short, friendly young man, and a native of [[Wavemeet | Wavemeet]] to the west. He is the owner of the [[Stonehill Inn]]. Toblen originally came to [[Phandalin | Phandalin]] to prospect, but realized that the new town offered a …

  • Lena Stonehill

    Lena Stonehill is the wife of [[:toblen-stonehill | Toblen Stonehill]]. She runs the [[Stonehill Inn | Stonehill Inn]] with her husband.

  • Elmar Barthen

    Elmar Barthen is an old human who runs [[Barthen's Provisions]], the biggest trade post in [[Phandalin]]. He is a good friend of the Rockseeker brothers, and is excited by [[:gundren-rockseeker | Gundren's]] goal of reopening the mines in [[Wave Echo Cave …

  • Linene Graywind

    Linene Graywind is a human woman, about 35 years old. She manages the [[Lionshield Coster]] in [[Phandalin]]. She refuses to sell goods to anyone who might be a threat to the town, including the [[The Redbrands | Redbrands]].

  • Halia Thornton

    Halia Thornton is a tall human woman of about 23. She is the guildmaster of the [[Phandalin Miner's Exchange]], and is attempting to establish it as the main governing authority in [[Phandalin]].