Second Londar Civil War

The Second Londar Civil War was an armed conflict between the Brotherhood of Silver and several royalist factions. For the civil war’s duration, Londar had no centralized government; instead, territories were governed by the faction that controlled them at the time.

First Stage (1656-1668)

The conflict began in 1656, three weeks after Alyur the Penitent died without an heir, when the Brotherhood of Silver attempted to seize control of the government from the regent administration. Early fighting heavily favored the Brotherhood, especially as the royalist factions were divided in support between multiple candidates for the throne. By 1667, the battles had stalled, dividing Londar into multiple territories controlled by the various factions, and in 1668 a widespread crop blight began a four-year famine, putting a stop to the war for a time.

Second Stage (1672-1677)

By 1672, the famine had mostly ended, and in that summer the Brotherhood of Silver once again attacked the royalists. in the intervening years, however, the factions had agreed to a truce until the Brotherhood was defeated and they managed a rapid succession of victories, forcing the Brotherhood back. The royalists believed they had a certain victory, but overextended their forces, and when the Orcs invaded in 1676 there were far too few soldiers remaining to oppose them. A few strongholds survived the initial fighting of the Great Invasion, but by the end of 1677 they were overrun and Londar collapsed into anarchy.

Second Londar Civil War

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