The Great Invasion

The Great Invasion was the mass Orcish invasion of Londar, Aldirion, and the Greenwood Dale, under the War-chief Azold the Bloody.

Invasion of Aldirion (1674-1678)

The initial assault took Aldirion by surprise, and the Orc forces quickly moved west, culminating in the Battle of Sornfar and King Tanaias’ death. However, Aldiri soldiers under General Ramoril intercepted the Orcs and pushed them back over the next three years. By 1678, the Orcs in Aldirion were defeated, and Ramoril brought his forces to support the Greenwood Dale.

Invasion of Londar (1676-1677)

Londar was just as unprepared for the Orcish attack, and in the chaos of the Second Londar Civil War no coherent defense could be organized. The Orcs crushed the armies that opposed them and by 1677 both the Brotherhood of Silver and the various royalist leaders were slain. With no military or leadership remaining, Londar collapsed into anarchy and the Orcs continued into the Greenwood Dale in 1678.

Battles of the Greenwood Dale (1678-1680)

The early battles in the Greenwood Dale mimicked those in Londar. In the course of six months, the Orcs besieged Kunarv’s Delve and sacked the towns of Conyberry, Saeliff, and Phandalin. However, with fresh reinforcements from Aldirion, the defenders were able to halt the Orc advance, and drove them out of the Greenwood Dale in 1680.

The Great Invasion

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