Bloodthirsty, dangerous, and wicked, Orcs want nothing more than to kill you and pillage your home. Fortunately, they usually can’t get along with each other for long enough to do so.

Aedhar the Sage, on Orcs.

Orcs are brutal, fierce fighters with a single-minded devotion to war and destruction. They produce very little of their own food or tools, preferring to take them by force in raids. Orcs are physically stronger than all but the strongest of other races, but at the cost of weak health and a drastically shorter lifespan; the oldest Orcs live for only about fifty years, though most die in battle long before then. Most Orcs in the High North Coast live in small tribes in the Hordemarch to the east, and these bands fight among each other as much as they do anyone else.


Until the Great Invasion, Orc raids were a minor threat to Londar and Aldirion, as any one tribe could never bring very much force against the kingdoms. However, between 1670 and 1673 Azold the Bloody led the Blackarrows to conquer many other Orc tribes, while some joined freely once he grew stronger; and in 1674 the unified Orcs began the Great Invasion.

When Azold was slain in 1680 the unified tribes fell into infighting and eventually disbanded completely. In the years since, many chiefs have tried to follow Azold’s example, but so far all have failed.


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